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The Warrior’s Call

We will gather We will gather On this ancient southern land We will stand long We will stand strong  Gathering strength hand in hand Lets sow the seeds of Justice in the soil of this land We’ll protect our water … Continue reading

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The Rite of Restoration

Come to your house, Come to your house. Beautiful being, return to your house. Your body awaits, renewed and ready. Come occupy your form for your travels beyond.  Swift and sharp is your mind, your beautiful mind. Wit without limit, your … Continue reading

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Beltane in South Australia

I pen these words to my Brethren, That newly met family that has touched my soul. With perfect love and perfect trust You let me into your hearts. I pen these words for my Brethren In honour of what we … Continue reading

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Australian Wiccan Conference Pt 2 – The Workshops & Ritual

The Workshops The second day commenced early as we had a full day of workshops scheduled. The theme of this year’s conference was Kith and Kin, community in the Pagan community. It is something that for the past year I … Continue reading

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Intention and Daily Spiritual Practice

Hail Isis, Glorious Goddess, Day is done and the night is come, The sun is set and the stars emerge. This is the evening Rite, The rite to end the day of light. Let Your instrument sound Your name, Hailing … Continue reading

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The Light Expands

Imbolc came and went with all the energy of the particular festival. As the light has began expanding for the past few weeks, there is a definite charge in the air, I can feel the pulse of the earth begin … Continue reading

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I know, I am a week late. I have been delinquent with my blog posts despite the promise I made myself that I would update my blog at least once week. I apologise dear reader. But I hope you enjoyed … Continue reading

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