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He who would be king, let him be a bridge. Beltane Fun!

He who would be king, let him be a bridge. (old Welsh proverb) Belated Beltane Blessings! again. I seem to have a history of wishing Beltane blessings in a belated fashion. To all my Northern Witchy brethren, I hope Samhain … Continue reading

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I have opened myself up so slightly to someone else’s gaze and for the first time in a long time and  I feel so so vulnerable. This is a double-edged sword for me. Since my diagnosis with HIV I have … Continue reading

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The Hunter’s Moon

We arrived at the sacred gathering place at twilight, all the men of my village, with the Sun just setting behind the western hills and the Moon yet to rise. All the clans had sent their men. I had never … Continue reading

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A random life fact about me. Apart from my day job as a lawyer, for the past four years I have also been a part time group fitness instructor. The reasons for me taking up instructing were many. I wanted … Continue reading

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