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The Biosphere that is the Earth

Not all planets qualify as organisms – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, for example, are nothing more than rocks in space, as dead as dodos. Earth, however is biologically self-actualised. It possesses a biosphere – a resident population of biological forms … Continue reading

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The Warrior’s Call

We will gather We will gather On this ancient southern land We will stand long We will stand strong  Gathering strength hand in hand Lets sow the seeds of Justice in the soil of this land We’ll protect our water … Continue reading

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Belated Beltane

Can you hear the drummers drumming As the beat begins to rise? The fire’s lit, The circle’s cast As we begin the scared dance. We honour the sky above us The earth below us too; moving and weaving together as … Continue reading

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See Nature

“Only one person in a million, wrote Thoreau, is truly awake to the wonders of daily living. “Few adults can see nature,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps they’re right. But I prefer to think that the sheer marvels of the … Continue reading

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The Four Elements

Since the Greeks’ first inspired groping toward a fundamental theory of matter, our concept of the elements has undergone radical change. One by one the original four were proven to be something else altogether: water, a compound; air, a mixture; … Continue reading

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