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Unexpected Loss

So I deleted Facebook from my smart phone a few weeks ago. It’s been a great move because I feel like I’m no longer addicted to checking my phone, every 5 minutes. Instead my productivity has increased, and I restrict … Continue reading

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The Biosphere that is the Earth

Not all planets qualify as organisms – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, for example, are nothing more than rocks in space, as dead as dodos. Earth, however is biologically self-actualised. It possesses a biosphere – a resident population of biological forms … Continue reading

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The Rite of Restoration

Come to your house, Come to your house. Beautiful being, return to your house. Your body awaits, renewed and ready. Come occupy your form for your travels beyond.  Swift and sharp is your mind, your beautiful mind. Wit without limit, your … Continue reading

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Beltane in South Australia

I pen these words to my Brethren, That newly met family that has touched my soul. With perfect love and perfect trust You let me into your hearts. I pen these words for my Brethren In honour of what we … Continue reading

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See Nature

“Only one person in a million, wrote Thoreau, is truly awake to the wonders of daily living. “Few adults can see nature,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps they’re right. But I prefer to think that the sheer marvels of the … Continue reading

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The Hunter’s Moon

We arrived at the sacred gathering place at twilight, all the men of my village, with the Sun just setting behind the western hills and the Moon yet to rise. All the clans had sent their men. I had never … Continue reading

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Ode to (Southern) September

I pen these words to you, Sweet September In praise of your light. It expands as the days extends. Your nights are warm And comfortable. The stars shine Twinkling and luminescent, As if keeping a secret from us below. Your … Continue reading

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