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He who would be king, let him be a bridge. Beltane Fun!

He who would be king, let him be a bridge. (old Welsh proverb) Belated Beltane Blessings! again. I seem to have a history of wishing Beltane blessings in a belated fashion. To all my Northern Witchy brethren, I hope Samhain … Continue reading

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The Biosphere that is the Earth

Not all planets qualify as organisms – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, for example, are nothing more than rocks in space, as dead as dodos. Earth, however is biologically self-actualised. It possesses a biosphere – a resident population of biological forms … Continue reading

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See Nature

“Only one person in a million, wrote Thoreau, is truly awake to the wonders of daily living. “Few adults can see nature,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps they’re right. But I prefer to think that the sheer marvels of the … Continue reading

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The Four Elements

Since the Greeks’ first inspired groping toward a fundamental theory of matter, our concept of the elements has undergone radical change. One by one the original four were proven to be something else altogether: water, a compound; air, a mixture; … Continue reading

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