A list of books that have been of assistance on my spiritual journey thus far. Or just books that I love. Consider it an annotated bibliography if you will…

(I will endeavour to update this page regularly)


  • Forrest, Isisdora. Isis Magic. Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 names. (1st ed. Llewellyn Publications 2001; Tenth Anniversary Edition, Abiegnus House 2013)
    I LOVE THIS BOOK! Great resource for anyone wanting to go down an Isiac path.
  • Regula, deTraci. The Mysteries of Isis (Llewellyn Publications; 1996)
    Another Book I love. The first book I ever bought on Isis – pretty much changed my life.
  • Witt, R.E. Isis in the Ancient World. (The John Hopkins University Press; 1971).
    A beautifully written academic book on Isis in the ancient world. The book is divided thematically as opposed to chronologically.

 Egyptian Paganism (General)

  • Almond Jocelyn, Seddon Keith. Egyptian Paganism (Llewellyn Publications; 2011)
  • Almond Jocelyn, Seddon Keith. An Egyptian Book of Shadows (Thorsons; 1999)
  • Reed, Ellen Cannon. Circle of Isis. Ancient Egyptian Magic for Modern Witches (New Page Books; 2002)


  • Kerenyi, Carl. Dionysos: Archetypal Image of Indestructible life. Translated by Ralph Manheim (Princeton University Press; 1976)
    A Jungian take on Dionysos. This is a Fabulous piece of academic writing.
  • Kerenyi, Carl. The Gods of the Greeks. (Thames & Hudson; 1951).
  • Otto, Walter. Dionysus: Myth and Cult. Translated by Robert Palmer (Indiana University Press; 1965).
    Another well written academic source on Dionysos. I recall reading it in my undergraduate, that I bought myself a copy.
  • Seaford, Richard. Dionysos (Routledge; 2006)


  • Cunningham, Scott. Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner (22nd ed; Lewellyn Publications; 1999)
  • Cunningham, Scott. Living Wicca A further guide for the Solitary Practitioner (9th ed; Lewellyn Publications; 1998)
  • Cunningham, Scott. The Complete Book of Incense, Oils & Brews (34th ed; Lewellyn Publications; 2011)
  • Cunningham, Scott. Earth Power. Techniques of Natural Magic (5th ed (revised); 2011)
    I don’t get why there this so hate from some areas of the Wiccan/pagan community towards Scott Cunningham. He was a prolific writer and I think did quite a lot for Wicca in general. I can see how his books may be accused of simplifying things, but they are great resources – ‘101’ texts shall we say. Plus his Incense book is great! I love making my own incense.
  • Farrar, Janet & Stewart. A Witches Bible. The Complete Witches’ Handbook (Phoenix Publishings; 1981; 1984)
    This is a great resource, with great history on the actual Sabbats and detailed instructions. Some parts are…mmmmm…well lets just say a little weird.
  • Moorey, Teresa. Paganism a Beginner’s Guide (Hodder&Stoughton; 1996)
  • Moorey, Teresa. Witchcraft a Beginner’s Guide (Hodder&Stoughton; 1996)
  • Moorey, Teresa and Howard. Pagan Gods for Today’s man a Beginner’s guide (Hodder&Stoughton; 1997)
    These were the first series of books that I stumbled upon on the subject of witchcraft and paganism, and I still love them. Moorey has a really nice writing style and the small books are jam packed with information, and some lovely, simple rituals.
  • Rupp, Rebecca. Four Elements. Water, Air, Fire, Earth (Profile Books; 2005)
    This actually isn’t a magickal book about the four traditional elements. Rather it is a scientific and historical survey of the four elements from the time of Ancient Greeks conceived of them right down to much recent times. It is a lovely, well written book that is witty, and very insightful. It was recommended to me by a High Priestess of a coven, as essential reading for any pagan. Having commenced reading it myself, I can’t agree more.
  • Wilborn, Bruce. The Gay Wicca Book (Barricade Books; 2002)
    This is a recent purchase. It is yet to be fingered appropriately.
  • Lewis, Jeremiah. The Balance of the Two Lands. Writings on Greco-Egyptian Polytheism (Nysa Press; 2009)
    Aw Sannion. A prolific blogger and a great writer. A collection of his writing on Greco-Egyptian Polytheism. Great rituals included.
  • Gillotte, Galen. Books of Hours. Prayers to the God (Llewellyn Publications; 2003)
    A beautiful book of Pray to the God.


  • Apuleius. The Golden Ass. Translated by Robert Graves (Penguin Books; 1950).
    I love this little novel. If you’ve read it then you’ll know why. I need to get a better copy  though, one that preferably isnt’t translated by Graves.
  • Arrian. The Campaigns of Alexander. Translated by Aubrey de Selincourt (Penguin Books; 1971).
  • The Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Boo.k of Going Forth by Day. The complete Papyrus of Ani featuring integrated text and Full colour images. trans. Dr R.O Faulkner (Chronicle Books; 2008)


  • Bradley, Marion Zimmer. The Mists of Avalon (Penguin Books; 1983)
  • Gabaldon, Diana. Outlander (A Dell Book; 2005)
    Another  recommendation, and one that I am loving at the moment.
  • Martin, George RR. A Song of Ice & Fire (aka A Game of Thrones) (1996 -2012)
    If you haven’t heard about this series then I don’t know where the hell you have been!! Its like crack…for your reading mind! Don’t just watch the TV series, but do yourself a favour and read the god damn books! Lets just hope he doesn’t die before finishing the series…
  • Tartt, Donna. The Secret History (Penguin Books; 1992).
    This book reminds me of life as an undergraduate when I studied Ancient Greek. Except we never killed anyone for fun.



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