Reading List

Given that I love reading, and I have created a Books page on here too,  I thought I would also add a page that just lists what I am currently thumbing my way through.

the aim here is to just list, and review (for lack of a better term) the books that I am reading/have read.

Currently Reading

  • Daring Greatly. How the Courage to be vulnerable transforms the Way we Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. – Brene Brown.
    In keeping with the theme that was my life 2014, I hope to learn to dare much more in 2015.

Previously Read in 2014.

  • Curry: A tale of Cooks and Conquerors  – Lizzie Collingham 
  • Voyager (third book in the Outlander series)
    Started reading this book a day ago. Already half way through the book. Nothing else to say.
  • Androphilia  – Jack Donovan
    Gosh I hated this book! I am glad  I read it, because it fortified my ideas about being a gay man in today’s modern society and I am glad to say that they are hardly, if remotely connected to what the author of this book recommends. I had such a (good?) reaction to this book I want to write a review of it. Watch this space.
  • Dragon Fly in Amber – (second book in the Outlander series)
    This has become my new fiction crack. I LOVE THESE BOOKS! I can’t read them fast enough, though I am scared what will happen when I finish all of them. There are 8 in the series, so I guess I shouldn’t be too worried about that prospect just yet. Anyway this is a wonderful sequel to the first book. Claire almost 20 years after the events of the first book recounts to her now 18 year daughter the truth about her family. GO AND READ these books! That is if you’r into fantasy/sci-fi.

Book for October – March 2013 – 2014

  • The White Goddess – Robert Graves (1948)
    This is required reading for the training coven I have joined (more on that in the blog)! I only have an e-version, which is very new to me, as I am a physical book type of person. However I have been told that I should have a physical copy of this book given how frustrating it will be, it helps to have a copy to throw around. Apparently Graves wrote while high on some hallucinogen and that on its trips to the publisher, the manuscript was dropped, and the pages never properly rearranged. This was made all the more impossible given that Graves hadn’t numbered the pages!

    This was a difficult read! ERRR – Graves loves a tangent and it was very trying to keep up with what he was going on about. Having said that, if you are able to go beyond what he is writing and get a sense of the overall effect of the book; you realise that he is using the poetic form of thinking which explains the free form of his writing. While you’d be dumb to take his word as an accurate historical record, the connections he does make a intelligently made though. It assist with keeping a bit of wonder with the world around us, which is what is missing in our world today.

Books previously read in 2013

  • The Four Elements (finished October)
    This is a great book! A historical survey of the way that we as humans have understood the four elements (i.e. Earth, Water, Fire and Air), and by connection the world around us. The author really has a nice way of intermingling interesting, witty anecdotes and asides, with historical and scientific fact. For any individual that considers themselves a witch, I would recommend this book. One of the best on the Four elements, even though it is not really esoteric.
  • Highlander (finished in August)
    My new obsession. I feel that I am too emotionally vested in the characters in this novel. Could also be due to the fact that I love Scottish men and, red haired Scottish men in particular.
  • A Golden Ass (finished approximately in June)
    A lovely ancient novel dating back from the 2 Century AD. Tells the tale of lucius, his trials and tribulations until he finds salvation in the cult of Isis
  • A Secret History (finished approximately in April)
    Re-read this one this year. It took me back to when I studied Classics as an Undergrad. We were a bunch of eccentrics as well, except for the part where they kill someone – we never did that as undergrads
  • A Dance with Dragons (finished approximately in February)
    The latest instalment of R.R Martin’s A Game of Thrones series. I finished this book early in the year. Amazing. There isn’t much to say about it other than that. If you don’t know about these books I really don’t know where you have been.

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