About Me

Who am I?

Interesting question…… I thought I knew.

I’m a work in process.

I don’t like labels. But I also understand that the human brain likes to bifurcate and categorise otherwise it goes a little bit cray cray. As a result the labels I would assign myself other than Pagan (right now) would  be Greco-Egyptian Polytheist,  with a smattering of witchcraft in there. I am a follower of Isis, Dionysos, though I also honour other gods from the Greek and Egyptian Pantheon.

I am also a student of the late Peter Paddon and of the Coven Agoriadau Tri, a Welsh Traditional Witchcraft path.

I dedicate this blog to those ancients gods, and is a way to track my spiritual travels as I unravel down this most crooked of paths.

As this space has grown and continues to grow in an organic way, it contains personal musings, observational essays, proses, prayers and poetry. In the future it may house other things as well. What those things may be, who’s to tell!

I may or may not also rant….a little bit.

All views are my own unless otherwise specified.

I’d love to hear from you if you are a regular reader.

Many many blessings to you, and your ancestors.


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