The Warrior’s Call

We will gather
We will gather
On this ancient southern land
We will stand long
We will stand strong 
Gathering strength hand in hand
Lets sow the seeds of Justice in the soil of this land
We’ll protect our water and wild places
From greedy miners plans

(Chant of power at our ritual 4 October 2014)

A week and a half ago I participated in a world wide movement to protect the Earth from Fracking. On that day pagans from around the world got together in their groups, covens, groves, and seed groups, answering the international call to arms (so to speak) and did what we do best. We cast circle, honoured the elements,  and the divine around us, through song and dance, to raised energy in the form of a protective web around the world in an attempt to halt Fracking.

Sacred Space

Sacred Space

What started out as a small ritual originally held on Glastonbury Tor, has quickly spread and this year has been the third global call to action from the group called the Warrior’s Call – a coalition of pagans against fracking.

The ritual was simple. The Warrior’s Call provided a sigil to be integrated into the ritual to be conducted, revolving around our waters, water’s sacred nature and our connection with it. Given that the fracking process utterly destroys water, our intention and connection with water was at the core of the ritual as we raised the protective web.

The Sigil

The Sigil

To be honest, up until now, I hadn’t been all that aware of the fracking activity that was occurring in my backyard. I had known that it has been a major issue in the United States and in the UK, but the exposure to what is occurring here in Australia hasn’t been all that great. That I suspect has a lot to do with the power that the gas companies wield over the media outlets in this country. However when I realised that there had been a proposed fracking site  no more than 5 kilometres from where I live (just on the outskirts of the city of Sydney – still in a densely populated area of the city) I decided that I had to participate.

It was a lovely day and a great way to come together with other pagans to raise energy and give back to the Earth. The bizarre thing about the whole attempted Fracking exercise is that the propose site was literally across the road from one of the most used parklands in Sydney! Not only that, but local authorities (local council and State government I think) spent millions of dollars reclaiming the land and making it into the beautiful park that it is now. Seriously…the mind reels at what companies and authorities are thinking when the decide on things such as this. Luckily though in this case, it was a victory for the Earth as the proposed mining site was halted….

Ritual Instruments

Ritual Instruments

However only recently, the Chief Scientist of the NSW (the State that I live in) has been credited with saying that “The risk to human health and the environment posed by coal seam gas can be managed but unintended consequences due to accidents, human error and natural disasters are inevitable.”

Um what?

Further she has said that the “technical challenges and risks” posed by the coal seam gas industry could be addressed by limiting extraction to areas withere the geology and land use were “appropriate.”

Ok, so I am not a scientist but there are a few things wrong with that sentence right there.

First – I don’t think that destroying the Earth and potentially making it uninhabitiable, as well as the risks of KILLING PEOPLE fall within the ‘technical challenges and risks’ category. Nor do I think they are unintended consequences…I mean sure the process of Fracking isn’t as ugly as traditional forms of mining, but it is just as evasive.

Also when is it ever “appropriate” to cause massive disruption and distruction to ecosystems?

Stuff like this makes me so MAD! I live in a country where if we took advantage of our surrounds in a positive way, to develop solar energy and other renewable sources of energy – we could be leading the world in this innovative exciting field. Instead we fall back on our sick addiction to oil and gas….

However this is post is not about whining. It is about getting angry but then springing into action. At first I was disappointed at myself for not publisihg this post faster. However the problem of fracking isn’t going to go away any time soon. If anything hopefully this has resonated with you to do something in your local community. You can still ritual in favour of the Earth. You can find out if there is a local action group mobilising against Fracking and get involved.

If you want to know more about a warriors call – their website is

They’re also on Facebook

Answer the call, and take up arms for your Earth.


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3 Responses to The Warrior’s Call

  1. Morandir says:

    My man, it was an honour and a pleasure to share Sacred Space with you.

  2. thank you for putting this post together, it conjures up lovely memories of the day we stood together to stand and fight for mother earth. Politically focused rituals of this kind are becoming more frequent and to me it shows that Pagans and members of earth based religious traditions are realizing that our magick is not just about spirits, trance states and supernatural powers but rather is a spirituality grounded in the real everyday world. Ritual is a way of embodying our convictions that the Earth and all her peoples are sacred, that the Divine spark is immanent in nature and that to serve the spirits of place we have to work with and for them.

    • isidorus84 says:

      Thank YOU for coordinating! I totally agree, our spirituality is deeply rooted in the real and everyday world as we inhabit this divine earth. I look forward to many more politically focused rituals.

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