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Unexpected Loss

So I deleted Facebook from my smart phone a few weeks ago. It’s been a great move because I feel like I’m no longer addicted to checking my phone, every 5 minutes. Instead my productivity has increased, and I restrict … Continue reading

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Androphilia – A review

I actually finished reading Jack Donovan’s “Androphilia” a couple of months ago now, and ever since I put it down, I have wanted to write about it. I actually bought the book a a while ago now,  after hearing part of … Continue reading

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The Biosphere that is the Earth

Not all planets qualify as organisms – Mercury, Venus, and Mars, for example, are nothing more than rocks in space, as dead as dodos. Earth, however is biologically self-actualised. It possesses a biosphere – a resident population of biological forms … Continue reading

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The Warrior’s Call

We will gather We will gather On this ancient southern land We will stand long We will stand strong  Gathering strength hand in hand Lets sow the seeds of Justice in the soil of this land We’ll protect our water … Continue reading

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