Lady of Flowers, of Summer and Spring

hear our voices; hear us sing.


The coming of the vernal equinox sort of hit me all of a sudden. I guess I became aware of its closeness a few weeks ago when I made my way to my usual Tuesday morning yoga class, which at that point hadn’t really been that regular, given that I had have been delinquent with my practice. However the last time I had made that early morning bike ride across suburbs to reach the yoga studio, it was still quite dark. It was pre-dawn then, the coldest, darkest portion of the night. The morning sun only making its presence known 15 minutes into the yoga practice, as it spread its light like long fingers, caressing our bodies in the studio as we downward – dogged.

When I finally did venture out again to do yoga, the pale blues, pinks and violets that herald the coming of the sun had replaced the darkness. The light had started to return. I no longer needed to have my red bike lights flashing as I made my way across busy morning streets. Nor was it so cold.


Then it really hit home that spring had arrived as I began to notice the tree in our backyard was getting its leaves back. My sister made a poignant comment just a day ago. When she had left to go overseas a few weeks ago, the tree though greening had only a few smatterings of leaves among its pale brown branches. Now in only a few short weeks, the tree is fully clothed in its green armour, bring with it, the dappled light patterns to the backyard. The small lizards that inhabit our garden have also began to scurry, chasing the warmth that the sun provides, and trying their best to avoid us as we go out to dry our clothing.

For me this time of year heralds new beginnings and possibilities. It is the second time of the year that for a moment there is balance. The light begins to touch areas of life that were in darkness from the time of Samhain. The light gives us the chance to cast off the old and begin to set new goals and intentions for the next part of the year. While we may have been thinking about these things from the time of the Winter Solstice, the equinox is the perfect time to spring into action (no pun intended). I understand now why a lot of traditions mark spring equinox as the occasion where oaths are renewed, and commitments remade.

Thus we banish Winter

Thus we welcome Spring

We say farewell to what is dead

And greet each living thing

With Wiccan group that I join to celebrate the Sabbats here in Sydney, we decorated the circle with flowers. Holding our beautiful, Outlander inspired torches (if you don’t understand what I mean by this reference, I suggest you look up the trailer for the Starz’s new series “Outlander” based on the book), we danced around the circle heralding the welcoming of the Spring, wakening up the last remnants of the land that need that extra push.


The Moon goes round the Earth

The earth goes round the Sun

When day and night are equal

The Greening has began

The tradition that I am currently studying under, follows the sacred king cycle. At this time of year, my tradition works the mystery of coming of age, when the King is named and armed, and is sent on a journey to find his fate.

See, according to the Welsh story contained in the Mabinogion; Llew was (for lack of a better term) cursed by his mother, the lady Arianrhod, that he would never receive a name or arms from anyone but her. If you know anything about ancient celtic/Brythonic etc cultures, you’d understand that this was an important component of a young man’s transition into adulthood. Thanks to the trickery on the part of Llew’s uncle, Gwydion; Lleu was eventually able to receive these 2 things.

How working the mystery manifest on a personal level means setting my intentions and goals for the coming part of the year. It is in this way that I can see how these 2 different ways of marking this time works with the rhythms of life. On one hand, I ask the earth to awaken, bearing witness to the greening. On the other, I bear witness to the ‘greening’ in my own life, by deciding what I wish to sow, what I wish to seek and accomplish.

Everything however comes with a price. By setting those intentions, in the back of my mind I know that sacrifices will have to be made, that the coin will have to be paid. Such is the way of the world.

So at this time I wish you a happy Spring Equinox! May you feel the greening beneath your feet, as all life starts to stir. May you put into action that which you need in order to achieve what you want.

May you find that which you seek; and seek that which you need, and be prepared to pay the appropriate coin.


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