Belated Beltane


Can you hear the drummers drumming

As the beat begins to rise?

The fire’s lit,

The circle’s cast

As we begin the scared dance.

We honour the sky above us

The earth below us too;

moving and weaving together as one

In shapes and patterns as old as time itself.

Move your feet to the ancient rhythm

As the music of the earth feeds your soul

From your toes to the crown of the head

Your body sings the sacred song

It’s Beltane! It’s Beltane!

Feel the magic surge

It’s Beltane! it’s Beltane!

Now is the time for joy.

So I know I’m late, given that Beltane was a couple of weeks now…at least here in the Southern hemisphere. But I penned this poem a couple of weeks ago when life was still a little more chaotic that it is now, and hadn’t had a chance to share it.

Now is the perfect time though as I am off cross country once again for another gathering. This time I am off to the hills of Adelaide in South Australia, to join Damh the Bard (the host of OBOD’s amazing  “Druidcast”) at Southern Beltane Camp. Needless to say I am very very excited!!!

This will be my third gathering that I have attended this year. I know I am calling it early but 2013 has been such a MASSIVE year of learning, travelling and meeting beautiful people from the Pagan community. I never in my wildest imaginings would have thought that I would have participated in so much this year.

Cant wait to jump the fire and feel the beat of the ritual drum…..


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