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Moving definitely has a way of up rooting your life.

                                                     I guess that is why they call it moving.

For the past 2 months my life has been a complete shambles as part of the process of not only finding a new place to live but then actually transferring all my stuff to this new place. I tried to be organized by packing and organizing things early well before the chaos of actually physically moving everything however what I ended up doing was just extending the chaos. Spending weekends going from open inspection to open inspection and then having to deal with unreliable real estate agents – for a while there our prospects were looking quite grim.

One of the first things that I packed was acutally my altar, as I felt that with the chaos and the negative energy that was swirling around the place I was moving from (it didn’t end so well with the ex flatmates), I didnt want my altar to be contaminated with that negatively. In hindsight though I think it could have been one of the last things I should have packed. AS a pagan, I understand that the objects that sit on my altar are not the point of my faith and my practice. They are tools that assist in the practice. I can still be pagan without them. However they provide a focus point, a grounding mechanism when times are a little chaotic. I recognise now the grounding power of a daily practice, and how it can affect me when I don’t come back to that practice (however basic it may be).

What moving forces you to do though is examine your life. At times I hoped that my life was neatly organised just like my boxes of books- evenly distributed (for weight reasons) and clearly labelled. However I fear that my life is usually more akin to the collection of clothing that was strewn across the floor of my room intermingled with the piles of stuff that had been ear marked to be thrown away/ donated to charity .

Thankfully we now have a new place to live. A house at that.

I say ‘we’ because I have moved in with my younger sister who is a pretty amazing human and I am lucky to have her as a sibling. She accepts me for all that I am, and that is nice, to know that at least there is someone in the world that I can be 100% of myself 100% of the time without any judgement. For one she is very open to my pagn practice and is quite happy for me to have set up a household altar in the kitchen. My Isis statue that once lived in my room, now has a place on a floating shelf in our kitchen, which is much more appropriate I feel. Having said that, I am yet to rediscover my practice once again in this new house. I haven’t put my Dionysos altar up, and I am thinking that a shrine to the Ancestors is also on the cards in this new house.

 It’s been almost a decade since I have lived in a house. Living in the densely populated inner city suburbs of a large city houses are rare things – not to mention expensive.

We have a backyard now with a beautiful large tree that has a space in it to actually sit in. I spent an afternoon meditating in it…..

 I don’t really know what the purpose of this post is, reading back on it now. I guess it is to prove that I am still here, that I haven’t gone away. That life is process, and spiritual practice is process. Life can throw us interesting challenges, and the strength of our practice is demonstrated by how it and we fare through those challenges. I hope to reach a point where I can mention ‘my life’ and within that phrase have my spirituality an essential part of it, rather than something that is separate from it.

I hope for that integration.

How does your practice fare when faced with life’s uncertainties or challenges? I would be very interested in hearing from you.


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