Ode to (Southern) September

I pen these words to you,

Sweet September

In praise of your light.

It expands as the days extends.

Your nights are warm

And comfortable.

The stars shine

Twinkling and luminescent,

As if keeping a secret from us below.

Your warmth is alluring

Tempting us all out

Beneath cerulean skies

Bathing in the sun.

But there is danger in your arrival

O Sweet September

For your  warmth can be deceiving

And just like a placid cat

You turn,

Bringing wind, rain cloud and thunder.

Lightening splitting your skies in two

Filling your adolescent September air with electricity.

But with you comes promise

O Sweet September

Of potential and possibility

Fill us with hope

O Sweet September

Hold our hands and guide us towards

Our love.

I pen these words in praise of you

O Sweet September.

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