Intention and Daily Spiritual Practice

Hail Isis, Glorious Goddess,

Day is done and the night is come,

The sun is set and the stars emerge.

This is the evening Rite,

The rite to end the day of light.

Let Your instrument sound Your name,

Hailing you in all Homage,

Isis Glorious Goddess.

To the candle wick the match I raise

On the altar set to You, Isis, Glorious Goddess,

And the night time incense rises,

Sweetly mixed,

To put min the mind of perceiving You,

Isis,  Glorious Goddess,

Who rises behind me like a flame of gold

And brushes my back with deft wings.

I make open the nape of my neck to You.

Let Your portal welcome you, O Isis,

Great and Glorious Goddess.

Up my hands rise and hold

The curved bow of exaltation,

And rise once more

To the sharp angle

Of Invocation.

Come, oh great and glorious Goddess,

Come in the fullness of force and love,

Let your garment for a moment clothe you,

O Isis, Goddess great and Glorious.


“An Evening Orison of Isis, from Regula, deTraci. The Mysteries of Isis (Llewellyn Publications; 1996) p151.

I love this little evening pray to Isis. I have recently re-discovered it and I am wanting to incorporate it into my daily practice.

My daily practice has steadily been growing over this past year. When I decided that paganism was the path I wanted to follow once again I wanted to do everything immediately!!! I wanted to get all the things, and do all the rituals I could. While this I think is usually a natural reaction to something new and exciting that one incorporates into life, it’s an unrealistic expectation.

Its like going to the gym and expecting immediate results. That isn’t how it works. It takes time, dedication, commitment and work. So to does spirituality and cultivating a relationship with the divine and the world around us.

Thankfully the feeling that I had to do everything immediately passed as quickly as it emerged, and my practice has grown…slowly, but organically. I began at first with a simple morning prayer to Isis, at space that I designated as my sacred space, before I had any image of the Goddess. Now that same space holds my altar to both Isis and Dionysos, and my morning observation now includes a small Orphic Hymn to Dionysos.

I love reciting it.

I get up pretty early and there is something special that I feel at that time, just before the sun has begun to rise, as I stand with hands out stretched honouring the Gods. I find that as the year has passed with me doing this morning observance, I walk during the day with more of an awareness of my presence in the world, my connection with the earth. It is not to say that at times that connection is thrown out the window with the work that I am forced to do for my job, but nonetheless the morning ritual that I do orients me to the world around me.

This little morning ritual isn’t anything major either. It’s a five-minute thing. Sometimes I also burn some incense as an offering, but I am also conscious of my (still sleeping) housemates, and my hectic morning routine after this ritual, that it would be a waste. Though then again, the incense isn’t for my pleasure. So perhaps I may integrate it once again into my morning practice.  For most of it though, it just me standing before my altar with eyes closed asking Isis and Dionysos to be with my during the day, to provide guidance, strength, resilience and compassion.

Keeping a spiritual practice during the day is a little more difficult,  and I only come back to my spiritual practice when I get back home from work. However I have come to the realisation than anything I do during the day can potentially be part of my spiritual practice. It doesn’t have to be something blatantly ‘spiritual’ to tick that box, to feed that aspect of my soul.

Modern society would have us bifurcate our lived lives so as to designate particular events, and activities particular labels, to particular components of ‘life’. It is akin to the spilt between the mundane and supra-mundane, the profane and the religious. Obviously our pagan ancestors had such divisions as well, but religion/spirituality wasn’t as divided from daily life as it is now. The gods were considered to be present in people’s lives at any moment. I don’t see why that belief can’t be carried into modern pagan worship.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I now have a new position that will last for the next 6 months. As a result of the new position I have the luxury of more work life balance, with a hell of more time to do the things that I want to do. Recently I have been feeling a bit down on myself for not dedicating more time to my spiritual practice and development especially once I get home. This isn’t to say that I don’t do anything, on the contrary, my mediation practice has become stronger, and I am finding that I am able to focus and keep visualisations for much longer periods as a result of the regular time that I spend in meditation. However that has been the extent of it. Usually it’s another type of rush at the end of the day, to prepare my dinner and my meals for the next day. Then I sit in front of the TV and slowly allow my brain to ooze out of my ears….

It is so easy to get caught into that trap. To function without intention in what can be considered ‘daily’ mundane stuff and only ‘switch’ on for those activities that we deem to be ‘spiritual.’ To numb ourselves in front crap reality TV.

What if we made a conscious effort to be present in those daily, annoying activities. What if we deemed these daily activities to not just be mundane, but intend them to be something else? What if these activities were also a form of worship, a form of honouring the Gods?

I have started to toy with this idea. I think it stemmed from the experience that I had at the gym a few days ago, which incidentally I also wrote about here. I have realised that if I change the way I perceive activities, potentially everything I do can have a spiritual bent to it. Perhaps this is just my way of making me feel better about myself for not doing ‘enough’ witchy things, or perhaps I am on the right track.

Right now I don’t know but I am willing to give it a try. I am going to make a concerted effort to be present – to engage in things with as much clear intention as I can, and to be present of the divine energies that may be at work at those given moments. I will resist the urge to numb myself with modern life’s opium – like TV and the internet. I will dedicate a portion of my day’s work and the energies that I use during it, to the Gods.

I guess I am realising that spirituality and the Craft doesn’t just occur in Circle, with coven mates chanting and dancing. It happens everywhere and every day. It is how we decide to live our lives.

I am curious as to how YOU live your spirituality. What is do you incorporate in you daily practice? How do you honour the Gods your keep? I’d love to know – leave a comment!

Blessed be!


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