To The God

I’m am the one that has always been and always will be


 I’m he who stands behind the darkness,

The one who moves the sun.

I sit amongst the shining stars,

And share my love with the moon.


I live within earth,

Her greenery my skin.

I make the rivers run their course sharing my love with the land.


I am the Wild Dancer

The Warrior

The King.

I am antlered,

crowned and helmeted

Prepared for the hunt, my judgment and my duty.


I am father brother lover son.

I am the great magician sage; the cunning man who knows has lived and sees.

I dwell amongst the shadows.

I watch.


Whenever you are fearful

Doubtful and unsure;

Call upon me,

Seek me out.

For I will be the force that protects you,

That guides you and shows you your strength.


For I have always been here;

For I have never left.

And I will always be here….


With you.

New York 04_05 090

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