An Address to Osiris in Various Aspects

Hail to you, Starry one in Heliopolis; Sun folk in Kheraha;
Wenti more powerful than the gods; Mysterious One in Heliopolis.

Hail to you, Heliopolitan in Iun-des; Great One; Horakhty the Far-Strider when he crosses the sky: He is Horakhty.

Hail to you, Ram of eternity, Ram who is Mendes, Wennefer son of Nut: He is Lord of the Silent Land.

Hail to you in your rule of Busiris, the Wereret-crown is firm on your head: you are the Sole One who makes his own protection, and you rest in Busiris.

Hail to you, Lord of the Naret-tree; Sokar is placed on his sledge, the rebel who did evil is driven off, and the Sacred Eye is set at rest in its place.

Hail to you, strong in your power, the great and mighty one who presides over Naref, Lord of Eternity, maker of everlastingess: You are Lord of Heracleopolis.

Hail to you who are pleased with justice: You are Lord of Abydos, and your flesh has enriched the Sacred Land; You are he who detests falsehood.

Hail to you, occupant of the Sacred Bark, who brings the Nile from its cavern, over whose corpsed the sun has shone, You are he who is in Nekhen.

Hail to you who made the Gods, the vindicated King of Upper and Lower Egypt Osiris, who founded the Two Lands, with his potent deeds: You are Lord of the Two Banks.

May you give me a path that I may pass in peace, for I am straightforward and true.


(From the Book of Going Forth by Day, aka The Egyptian Book of the Dead. Excerpt from  the Complete Papyrus of Ani, as translated by Dr Raymond Faulkner)


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