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An Address to Osiris in Various Aspects

Hail to you, Starry one in Heliopolis; Sun folk in Kheraha; Wenti more powerful than the gods; Mysterious One in Heliopolis. Hail to you, Heliopolitan in Iun-des; Great One; Horakhty the Far-Strider when he crosses the sky: He is Horakhty. … Continue reading

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On Masculinity

I have never truly been comfortable with masculinity, with my own masculinity. For most of my adults life I have struggled with the notion of masculinity and what it is to be a “man” and what it is to act … Continue reading

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Isis & the Magic of Myrrh

Originally posted on Isiopolis:
A hymn to Isis at Her temple in Philae says, “O Isis, giver of life, who dwells in the Pure Island, take to yourself the myrrh which comes from Punt, the lotus-fragrance which issues from your…

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A love letter to Achilles

Where is my beloved Achilles I seek out his very touch. I sought him out on high Mt Pelion &  the depths of the sea. Where is my beloved Achilles The man I search,  for me. He would be strong … Continue reading

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