I know, I am a week late.

I have been delinquent with my blog posts despite the promise I made myself that I would update my blog at least once week.

I apologise dear reader.

But I hope you enjoyed the Solstice. Did you survive the longest night?

Here in Sydney the Sun rose just a little after 7:30am on last Friday morning and set a little after 5pm. In total we had only about 9.5 hours of Light.

It was also wet.

Very wet.

In fact I feel as if the Solstice heralded the rains, as it hasn’t stopped raining since the 21st of June. Apparently it has been the wettest June in a while. I suspect there will be more of these ‘most’ [insert weather phenomena here] to come, given how much climate change is occurring.

I was planning on celebrating the Winter Solstice by myself, with a small ritual and a meditation on the darkness of the light, contemplating the rebirth of the sun, the rebirth of the new year and how that resonated in my life. I already wrote about my thought on this prior to the Solstice that you can read here.

However during the week prior to Solstice I was contacted by some of my new found friends that I had made at Samhain. Their coven was celebrating the Solstice and I was invited to come along if I so desired. I was thrilled! Celebrating by myself would have been fine, but getting the chance to share the experience with others is always fun. Plus it would be an excuse to see some of these friends that I had made.

I won’t discuss in depth the ritual – I think that would be disrespectful to coven, and to the ‘mystery’ of the ritual. What I will say that it was silent ritual and it involved a meditation. It was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. During the meditation I attempted to confront the darkness of the past year, to leave it behind and start a fresh. To build the light within my life, now and for the coming, waxing year.

Obviously one of the best parts of the evening was the feasting. Pagans know how to feast – and DRINK! Everyone had brought something, and sitting around the low table in the high priestesses living room, we shared food, mead, mulled wine and stories, as we listened to the rain fall outside, grounding ourselves from the ritual that was.

I could not have spent Saturday night in a better way.

In hindsight I am grateful for the spiritual experience, given that the work week that followed was a bitch and will continue to do so. The likelihood of working 15 hour days, 7 day weeks for the next month or so is quite high, which is depressing. But its experiences such as The Solstice ritual that feed my soul, that keep me going. Just as the Solstice teaches us, through the darkness, there is light.

As for me, the light after the darkness comes in the form of a secondment to Humanitarian no for profit which is one of our pro bono clients, which will commence in August, if all goes to plan. SO. EXCITING.

How did you celebrate the Solstice?



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