The Full Moon

So when I mentioned in my last post that the full moon was upon me…. I clearly had no idea that the full moon was ACTUALLY THAT WEEKEND! Great pagan I make – CLEARLY!

Given that I had a made the mental intention to in fact dedicate my newly acquired oracle cards on the full moon, I decided that I would have a full moon ritual on Saturday night. Which I did, and it was great!

After having had a wonderful day riding Argos my trusty pushie, around several markets I got home and prepared the offerings to the gods. I offered honey, wine, almonds, barley, rose petals, water and sand.

the view from Argos on my Saturday bike ride

the view from Argos on my Saturday bike ride

When I first started drafting this blog post, I merely listed and described what I did for the ritual. It was actually really really boring.

If you’re:

a) A pagan of any sort; and

b) Are reading this blog

Then I can safely assume that you are going to be highly versed in the different variation of a full moon ritual. So I won’t bore you with the details. I’m more interested in sharing the experience – of what I felt.

Listening to a pagan podcast (the DruidCast – with Dan the bard. Seriously download it. IT’S AMAZING!) One of the speakers said that Ritual is the poetry of movement. I thought that was beautiful, because in reality it is. It is a moment when all our movements and words are intended to something or someone higher than us. I find that beautiful and humbling, and it was something that I tried to maintain as I stood, dance and spoke before my altar on Saturday night as I asked the gods to bless my oracle cards and me.

This was the first major ritual that I have performed since I came back down this pagan path Up to this moment I think I have been making excuses to myself, because I live with flatmates, and I can only perform any type of ritual in the confines of my bedroom. SO?! What of it!!!? This weekend definitely showed me that I can do anything in the space that I have, and that I deem sacred. More importantly with the right intention, any type of ritual can be effective, regardless of how big or small the ritual space is.  As I stood in before my sacred objects, the air became denser after calling the elements, and I was acutely aware of the majesty of Isis once I completed the hymns I sang to her, as well as the distant feeling of drums when I honoured Dionysos. Every time I honour Dionysos and ask him to be present, I feel the sound of instruments being played. Its like a momentary lapse into synesthesia…I guess that is the mystery of Dionysos.

The Altar (no flash)

The Altar (no flash)

As I intended I dedicated my cards to those aspects of Isis and Dionysos that are the bringers of visions, psychic abilities and prophecy. On finishing the ritual proper, I took myself out to my patio, wrapped in a shawl, with the cards, my Ankh and my quartz crystal and meditated under the full moon. Though chilly, it was such a beautiful night. One thing I don’t like about living in a city is the lack of starlight we’re able to perceive, and how often the simple beauty of the moon is overlooked by the artificial lights created by the city.

When I finish my meditation, I made myself a cup of tea and I thought it would be good to pick a card from each of the decks having newly been dedicated to the gods, and exposed to the light of the moon. What happened next was the most surprising thing.

The first card I pulled out was:



In the deck Osiris signifies rejuvenation, the intro to the card reads:

Pay attention to your need for rejuvenation and renewal both physically and mentally. You are invited to experience the magic of hope.

Now this DEFINITELY resonates with me at present, given that my day job is slowly sucking the life out of me. Being a first year graduate at a major law firm is taking its toll, and the message that the card is giving me is very well timed.

But on another note, I have a feeling that Lord Osiris is reaching out to me. It’s natural given that I feel so closely connected to Isis. Admittedly my connection with Osiris has never been as strong as the one I have with Isis, even with Dionysos. But perhaps this…this is a little nudge, letting me know that perhaps in the shadows there, Lord Osiris waiting for me to sit up and listen to what he has to say….

Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful relationship…

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