Mind Body Spirit

Last weekend, my younger sister and I went along to the Mind Body Spirit Festival. I don’t really know why they call it a ‘festival’ as such, given that it is more of an exhibition style event. It is held at the exhibition centre in Sydney, and it’s pretty much a large under cover market for three days, filled will all things…well with all things that would be considered ‘alternative.’ Crystals, books, incense, tarot and psychic readings, organic (overly priced) foods you name it, it will be there. My sister has gone twice a year every year for as a long as I can remember. I have only gone a handful of times, this being the second time I go with my sister, given that for the most part of the last decade, I have had my head in books, on another planet….

These events are always interesting to me though, as I like to see what type of people actually rock up to an event that markets itself as a place where you can learn how to “love your mind, body and soul.” What I find truly fascinating, is that for all the rational, rejection of anything too ‘flaky’ or ‘hippie’ in mainstream society, the volume off people that were there on the weekend was incredible. It was literally packed! My sister commented that it’s always nice to go because it is usually a chilled atmosphere, where you kind of bump into people with the same opinions and world views. However this time round, it was a little more hectic, and there was definitely a larger array of people.

Now I am not sure if it was because we went on the last day of the festival (though from the conversation I had with some of the stall holders, it was as busy the other days as well), or because next door they were holding the home making exhibition as well, which may have caused some cross pollination at both events. Either way it I couldn’t help but wonder that no matter how or what, there is a need for people to believe in something. Whatever that might be, even if it is in the fact that everything can be explain through a rational, logical sequence of thought patterns and science – people need to believe or place there ‘hope’ into something. I don’t know, perhaps some of the people that I wouldn’t cast as typically attend such events were there on the weekend out of a healthy level of curiosity. Then again, if people with whom I work had known I had gone, they too would have been surprised, since outwardly, I don’t come across as someone who ‘believes in all of that.’ Perhaps in that there is lesson in it for me…that people are not always what they seem to be.  Or better still, don’t judge a book by its cover….

Anyway, the main motivation to write about the Mind Body Spirit festival was to share the goodies that I bought. At such things I still take everything with a grain of salt (I still don’t believe everything that is being sold to me), but I did purchase a few little things. A beautiful little plate and vase that I can use for my alter Image


Plate detail (truly beautiful. it reminded me of the blue lotus cups that were found, I think with Tutankhamun, so I had to get it)

I also purchased some ‘divining’ cards. I had seen them last time I was at the festival but for some reason, I didn’t get them (I think because I was still really broke). 2 sets are created by Stacey Demarco and feature ancient goddesses, gods, titans and sirens. They really beautifully illustrated, and are to me, very inspirational. The other set which I had no intention on buying but sort of made itself known to me, was the ‘Isis Oracle’ created by Alana Fairchild. These are also beautifully illustrated by the same artist that illustrated the sets created by Stacey. at the moment they are living on my desk or by my bed as I try and have a look at them before I head to bed at night. I am planning on dedicated them soon (the full moon is upon me so that will be a good time). I will keep updates on how readings go…for now, below are some photos I took of the cards….

blessed be





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