“The first born daughter of Geb and Nut,

“The first born daughter of Geb and Nut, Isis soon came to know virtually everything, and especially when her parents retired to the heavens she was the mistress of the cosmos, the giver of law, justice, abundance, the mother of all life, healer, and bestower of life after death. She was the feathered throne on which the pharaohs would one day sit, and from one of her tears, the Nile had spring.

“It is said that the very last piece of knowledge she needed to acquire was the secret name of Ra, the sun god. To garner this last piece of knowledge, she fashioned a serpent from earth and the spittle of Ra, who was, at the time, a doddering old man. She placed the serpent in Ra’s daily path, ad it lashed out, sinking its fangs in the old man’s flesh. Paralyzed by venom and in a paroxysm of pain, Ra called out for help, for a cure, but no one heeded him.

“Then Isis appeared before him, promising a cure if he would reveal to her his secret name. The old man rambled on about his royal lineage and his powers but finally spoke his secret name, and Isis set out to cure him. Her wisdom was now compete: she was altogether omnipotent.”

Isis knew the secrets of planting seeds, could bring the dead back to life, was said to have a feathered lap on which her son Horus was comforted. Her fame spread as far as Sicily and to the Northern shores of Great Britain.

“Temples were built to her, and she reigned in heaven as the star Sirius, which peers above the horizon at the time of the oncoming flooding of the Nile. On Earth, her reign continued until, in Rome, the emperor Justinian closed her bright temple built on the Capitolian Hill, and silenced the music in her honor that had rung in the streets.”

from Leeming David, Page Jake. Myths of the Female Divine Goddess (OUP;1994)

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