So, OK in my previous post I had pretty much expressed how I was feeling a little…well you know ‘meh’ post the stress of law school. I needed time to recalibrate to the new rhythm of life that I happen to now have.

Well dare I say it now, but I think I have ‘recalibrated.’ As a result more regular updates will follow, or at least I will endeavour to do so.

Something that has recently happened that is somewhat exciting, are much purchases from E-bay arrived!

When I was in my first years of high school (a looooooong time ago now) I wasn’t a stranger to bullying. As a way to escape the bullies’ taunts and fists, I hid in the library. To me it seemed the most logical place to hide, given that said bullies were lesser life forms who at the time I doubt had ever picked up a book let alone been in a library (a thought that I still maintain to be true). Anyway during my time there I discovered that my school had a really good stock of mythology books. There was one particular series that I absolutely feel in love with – they were so easy to read as well as so beautifully illustrated. They were “The world of Mythology series”

During a slow day at work a few weeks ago I began thinking about the books again and wondered if there was any way in which I could get my hands on them. Cut to the magic that is the internets! On finding what they were called and typing it into E-bay – lo and behold! I was able to locate copies for sale. the jackets of the books show that there are 13 books in the series. I haven’t decided whether I will go ahead and buy all 13, but for now I share photos of the 3 volumes I now own – beautiful!

DSCN0630the covers all three books – Greek, Egyptian and Roman Mythology for now

DSCN0634Some of the beautiful illustrations in the books themselves


One of my favourite black + white drawings in the Roman mythology book

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