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Midsummer/Litha Rant

So ok. One of the few frustrating things about researching about Litha/Midsummer rituals, in order to create my own, is the fact that most of the information about this time of year is provided from a northern hemisphere perspective to … Continue reading

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“The first born daughter of Geb and Nut,

“The first born daughter of Geb and Nut, Isis soon came to know virtually everything, and especially when her parents retired to the heavens she was the mistress of the cosmos, the giver of law, justice, abundance, the mother of … Continue reading

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Isis’ Promise

Thou shalt live blessed in this world, thou shalt live glorious by mu guide and protection, and when after thy allotted space of life thou decendest to the Underworld, there thou shald see me in the subterranena firmament shining (as … Continue reading

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So, OK in my previous post I had pretty much expressed how I was feeling a little…well you know ‘meh’ post the stress of law school. I needed time to recalibrate to the new rhythm of life that I happen … Continue reading

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